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I am Lilith, Grandmother of Mary Magdalene.

I am Lilith, whose sexual fire was too hot for God.
I am Lilith, the first woman, who chose the rage of exile over the cancer of servitude.
I am Lilith, Mother to the Mother-less.
I am Lilith, whose blood covers the moon.
I am Lilith, standing on owl's claws at a woman's crossroads.
I am Lilith, living in the Shadow.

Waiting. For you.
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the Basics

Clan: Gangrel (Status 2, he claims the Gangrel are the First Blood, and demands they act accordingly)

Age: Commonly accepted to be in his third century

Location: Riemst, Limburg, Belgium

Specialties: National politics, propaganda, unification theories, ancient European religions


Brief history

No real facts about Gerhardt's past are known. It is common knowledge that he has been a doctor at the University of Munich, and a specialist when it comes to religious history, and ancient german languages. However, what he did with that knowledge during the second World War is a source of debate amongst those interested enough to care. What is known within the Circle tho, is that within the last 50 years, he managed to help several covens in becoming more united. Every time he claims to be sent by the Black Forest in Germany, and imposing a military like discipline wherever it was needed. Despite his own fanatical devotions to Lilith, he's willing to set this aside to aid a coven in finding a believe that suits them best. It is this quality which makes sure his former covens remember him with respect and care, even tho he left them every time he concidered them ready to stand alone. Noone really knows how long it will take Gerhardt to leave his current coven, especially as they seem to have softened his hard side just a bit.


Random facts

  • Gerhardt has mastered the so-called German languages, but knows a word of both Romani and Hebrew
  • Herr Thielemann once was married, even tho he will not speak easily about this.
  • Gerhardt's ghouls have a devotion towards him that borders on worship.
  • Despite her years of service, his former ghoul Helga de Wit didn't join the Gangrel.


  • "Do you dare to insinuate I would fit better within the Invictus then to the Circle?!?" to an acolyte who suggested Gerhardt's harsh ways were as the Invictus would like them.
  • "This lack of discipline is what I mentioned earlier, Sir. As if being reasonable and respectfull alone makes you an Invictus. I hope you weren't insulted by him." to an Invictus bystander who overheard the previous quote.
  • "Off course I feel guilty. I send thousands, if not millions to their death, most of them didn't deserve the fate that was given them. But guilt will not bring them back, so please, keep your self-rightousness to yourself and condemn another." When asked about his past doing the war.
  • "Please! If I have to die, I will die, the Mother will see to it. And if I don't have to die, I won't, it actually' is 'that simple."
  • "Cursed? We? I have never felt stronger, I have never felt better. And all the answers I'll ever want are hidden within my blood. All I need to do is to learn to see them."
  • "Not even the Ordo are sure it's him. If the Mother ever decided to walk in here noone would have questions about it. Noone would have any flesh and bones left either, but still." About the supposed entry of Vladimir Tepez.
  • "Every day she is in my dreams, every mirror carries her image. There isn't a night I don't miss her, or wish for her child to be in my arms." Spoken to Helga when she asked about the Mother.
  • "Rhhaaargghh" When in frenzy.
  • "Ahi hay Lilitu"


  • Gerhardt's friendship with the Sanctified Marcel Vanerum isn't coincidential, in fact, they share a sire
  • Thielemann was really sent by the German Invictus to infiltrate country and covenant
  • During his mortal life Gerhardt was one of the founders and idealists of the Nazi Party, an allegiance he still holds.
  • He has studied the Khaballah as extensive as he has because he fell in love with a Jew, and has converted to her believes.
  • Has shaved off his moustache after the Second World War.
  • Gerhardt shot the former Prince of Belgium using a sniper rifle, hitting him directly in the head.
  • He seems to have opened his heart once again, but the object of his affection isn't within the Circle.
  • He has a eulogy ready for everyone he wants out of the way.
  • Since the death of Mark Houben his discipline is lacking.
  • Carries a sockpuppet on his person at all times.
  • Talks to the sockpuppet he carries and has been known to hug and cuddle it, and call it George.
  • Had sex in Park de Béthune after the Official Grand Opening of the Sanctified Seminar in Halen.
  • He insulted a very important ally. But he doesn’t know what the consequences are.


  • High Priest of Lilith
  • Advisor to the High Priestess of Sovereign Limburg
  • Baron-in-Exile of Raeren
  • Grandmaster in the Dark Arts
  • Doctor in the German Languages, Theology, and History
  • Former Bishop of the Western Domains of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation
  • Personal Advisor of the AMD Rosenberg
  • Master Sockpuppeteer
  • Spiritual advisor to the Court of Domain Limburg

Others About

  • Alexandria Karuna His High Priestess: "We don't always see eye to eye but he's a vital part of our coven."
  • Helena van Kruysberghe of the Ordo Dracul of Limburg: "Herr Thielemann. Definately more than meets the eye. If not to be respected, at least he's not to be underestimated. Sorrily misled as he might be, he shows great potential. I fear it is wasted on the Circle, though."
  • Marcel Vanerum of the Lancea Sanctum Limburg: "Awel, ich vertrouw Thielemann nie zover as ich hem kan gooien - omda da redelijk ver is - ma ich heb veel respect voor em. Da is tenminste nen echte gangrel." (Translation: "I don't trust Thielemann as far as I can throw him - because I can throw him pretty far - but I respect him. At least he's a real gangrel).
  • Dokisha of the Circle of the Crone: "He is very dedicated, he deserves my respect for that...but somehow I think he isn't completely honest with me."
  • Takeda Kyuzo of the Invictus: "It's amusing to hear a Westerner talk about honor and discipline. Somehow, however, he manages to sound sincere about it."
  • Lord Kolya Petrovich His Lieutenant: "I don't always agree with his ways or his believes, but I'm his right hand and unlike some others I do trust him in where he is taking us. The only question I ask to myself is how we are getting there."
  • GabriÃ�«l Caluwaert of the Invictus: "When it comes to matters of faith we couldn't be more apart, on ettiquete we follow the same course. One wonders if other circumstances might have directed him to the first estate."
  • Bert Stassen, Nosferatu: "A tormented soul. In his tests you can see the esteem he gives you. If he spares you, you're not worthy of his respect. I wish he would stop throwing in random Shakespeare or Nietzsche quotes though, especially when he uses them together."
  • marcus erana:i'got time , but you thielemann ,your time is running out
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